Parker Plaza

We are thrilled to find ourselves finally settled into our new Parker Plaza home, a wonderful loft space with high ceilings, and huge windows that spill natural light over our Frame of Mind Films creative family as we go about our day-to-day business. Check out our photos of days gone by and how we look today—and if you’re in the neighborhood, give us a call and drop by… we’ll put the kettle on and give you a tour!


History of Parker Plaza

Long before Downtown Berkeley existed, Ocean View (West Berkeley) was a hive of industry and home to a manufacturing community going back as far as 1855 with the Pioneer Starch and Grist Mill. It is believed that in the 1920’s the first building of Parker Plaza was built for railroad production. In the 1940’s a second building was added most likely for steel production to aid the war effort. Remnants of this bygone era are still visible in the main lobby where you can see the original crane rails that bridge a fascinating industrial history with today’s innovative and cutting edge film and creative community.